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While Payroll may be successfully outsourced, an employer may not outsource commitments made to his/her employees. Paybond is a new service that recognises this commitment and ensures that it is called to mind every week when payment is made. Paybond ensures that each employee receives a payslip every week / month. In an era of electronic payments Paybond ensures that the bond of trust between the employer and employee is continuously reaffirmed.

Our philosophy is supported by regular communication between our engagement team and you. Businesses that process payroll "in-house" are regularly faced with a number of dilemmas, such as changes in tax legislation, costs associated with the recruitment and training of specialised staff, and maintaining the confidentiality of important employee information.

We work with client's in a diverse range of industries, we review how they operate and we build customized solutions to suit their specific needs. Call us today for a Free Quotation..




The new eRCT  Compliance System commenced 1 January 2012.

Principal Contractors in the Construction, Forestry and Meat Processing Industries must now register on ROS in respect of every contract. Principal Contractors must in all circumstances obtain authorization from Revenue prior to making a payment to a Sub-Contractor.  Where a principal makes a payment without first obtaining a Deduction Authorisation the principal will be liable to RCT at 35% regardless to the deduction status of the subcontractor. In addition to the RCT amount, a penalty up to €5,000 may be payable.

PAYBOND now provides an accessible pathway for Principal Contractors to register their contracts and sub-contractor payments on the ROS Online system.
Just click on the following link for ROS login. login

If you have any other questions in relation to Relevant Contract Tax contact our team of specialists who are ready to help you.


Our Vision is to provide a professional payroll service that will support employers to reaffirm the bond of trust with their employees each payday. This bond of trust also exists between  Principals and their Sub-Contractors. Our Vision is to facilitate the on going efficient operation of contractual payments to Sub Contractors.


Our Mission is to provide an outsourced payroll administrative service to Employers and Relevant Contracts Tax Agency service to Principal Contractors that gives our clients the flexibility to focus their management resources on core business. Our service offering is based on regular and timely communication between our client and our engagement team.

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